June 18th (7 Weeks) - Our First Visit!  We finally got a due date for our little one.  I was not as far along as we had assumed, but I had my suspicions.  We got the first look at our little sweetie.  How tiny!  It's hard to believe how much this baby will grow in just 7 short months.  I look forward to each and every moment, as this will be the very last baby we will have.  In a way it's sad, but we have both discussed it and we are really looking forward to having this last baby and getting down to raising them all!

July 29 (13 Weeks) - Routine Visit.  We got to hear our baby's hearbeat.  Even though we have a doppler at home, it's always nice to hear. It was in the 160's, does this mean another girl???   :-)  
Our next visit in in 4 weeks and my ultrasound is in 7 weeks.  I of course can't wait for that.

August 25th (17 Weeks) - Routine Visit.  The baby's heart rate was in the 150's.  She brought up my lack of weight gain and seemed a little concerned, but I told her this happened with Preston as well, I just wasn't very hungry.  I also told her everything that has been going on.  She was very understanding but told me if I hadn't had any real gain by my next visit, she would send me to a nutritionist.  LOL, they said the same thing about Preston and by 5 months I had gained 5 pounds.  So we will see. She felt my stomach and said that it feels normal for where I'm at, which I knew.  I can see my stomach growing, I'm not crazy.  I guess she/he just isn't very hungry like his/her big sister Payton was.
I finally got a date for our ultrasound.  It's September 18th! I'm so excited. I don't see how I'm going to wait another 3 weeks.  I will update everyone then!

September 18th (20 Weeks) -
Routine Visit.  Measuring right where I should.  Baby's heart rate was in the 140's.  When D.R. saw that, he smiled (knowing the old wives tales).  We then went to our ultrasound.  The very second she started the ultrasound, I saw the baby's business. LOL.  I looked at D.R. and he had seen it as well.  The doctor asked me what I thought it was, and I told her I thought I just saw a pee pee, she laughed and said, "What makes you think that?"  She then asked what we had thought it was, I told her even though my symptoms were like that with Preston, I thought it was probably a girl.  I told her that D.R. thought it was a boy.  She said "Well, Dad is right".  She said there was absolutely no mistaking.  He was quite proud of his stuff.  At one point in during the ultrasound he had his hand on his little butt cheek.  It was too adorable.  The baby is 14 ounces already and measuring about a week bigger.  I was so relieved to see our baby and so completely thrilled that we are having another baby boy.  I will now have two girls and two boys.  How perfect.

October 16th (24 Weeks) - Routine Visit.  WOW!  I would say our little Cale has had quite the growth spurt.  Not only did my belly obviously grow in just a short 2 week period, but the scales tipped 8 pounds heavier then just a month ago.  LOL.  The doctor said I'm just fine.  Considering how little I had put on in the beginning, I'm allowed a few pounds extra a month.  That was nice to hear :-)  I really don't care as long as our little, or should I say "Big" guy is doing well.  His heartrate was in the 140's as normal and I'm measuring about a week ahead, which again is quite normal for me.  My next visit is November 13th, where I will have the glucose test.  YUMMY.

November 13th (28 Weeks) - Routing Visit.  I had another 5 pound weight gain...but I'm still in a normal weight gain for the entire pregnancy.  He is definitely a growing boy.  I wonder every day how I can get any bigger, but I know I will.  I guess everyone who sees me and asks me when I'm due is quite shocked to find out I have 12 weeks to go.  I guess it's as obvious to others as it is to myself how big I am with this big boy.  I sure can't wait to see him!  I had my glucose screening today.  It's really not as bad as everyone make it out to be. I should find out the results soon.

December 5th (31 Weeks) - Routine visit.  The baby is head down..yeah!
His heartrate was in the 140's and she told me that his little butt is right under my ribs (on my right side).  On a different note, I had to have a quick EKG done.  She listened to my heart and it was pounding.  She said "My goodness"  I told her its like that all the time and I get flutters several times a day.  She ordered a quick EKG and that looked okay, but she also ordered something called a Halter Monitor.  I have to come in and be sent home hooked up to something that will monitor my heart activity for 24 hours.  She said that is what she really is wanting to see.  It will tell them how fast my heart is beating, when is speeds up or slows down, if it's skipping beats, or any other abnormal things going on.  I have to wait for them to call be back to schedule to have this done.  I'm so glad someone finally noticed.  I had the same problem with Payton, and it even continued after I had her.  She said sometimes being pregnant is just a lot of stress on a heart.
I'm finally going every 2 weeks.  She said If I feel I need to come in more often then to let her know.  I also found out my results from teh glucose screening are normal.
Only 2 pounds since last visit.  MUCH MUCH BETTER.

December 18th (33 Weeks) - Routine visit.  At my first check my blood pressure was 147/77.  I told him about my swelling and fast weight gain that I am concerned about.  He doesnt seem too worried.  He said some women just swell because they are retaining fluid and that is probably where the weight gain is coming from ( I told him I don't sit around and stuff my face all day, so I don't get it).  He check my blood pressure again and it was 127/77. He did order an anemia test and thyroid test to be sure nothing is going on there.  He said sometimes any problems in those two areas can cause the heart racing and palpitations.  He told me to call and check up on the Halter Monitor and if they don't have it ready for me yet to give him a call and he would see to it that it was done immediately.  Other than that I guess things look good.  Cale's heartrate is still in the 140's and I'm measuring right where I should be.  My next visit is December 31st.

December 31st (35 Weeks) - Routine visit today.  I discussed my concerns with my doctor about the pressure I have been having lately.  She went ahead and checked my cervix after she did my Group B test and told me I was 50 percent effaced and 1 cm dialated.  I'm not quite sure what to make of it.  I have been thinking all along this boy will come early, but now I'm not sure how early.  She asked me If I would be interested in being induced at 39 weeks if he hasn't come by then.  Of course I said yes!  She is worried I may not make it to the hospital.  She told me if I went into labor now they wouldn't stop it.  It hit me..Whoa, it's really getting close.  I hope the little guy stays in long enough for Grandma to make it.
I will hopefully find out the results of my Group B test today.  I'm hoping it's negative, but there is a good chance I'm still positive.  My next visit is in two weeks and then I go every week until he is born.  Which from the sounds of it, won't be too many visits.

January 14th (37 Weeks) - Routine visit.  The baby's heartrate was in the 140's.  My blood pressure was high for me.  My blood pressure is normally around 115/70 and it was 141/85.  So I was sent home to do a 24 hour urine catch to check and see if I'm spilling protein.  They also drew my blood to check my liver enzymes.  I'm a little nervous, but it shouldn't take that long to find out the results.  I am still probably going to be induced around 39 weeks, unless the results from the test come back bad, then it will probably be earlier.  I will keep everyone updated.  My next visit is Tuesday, January 20th.

January 20th (38 Weeks) - My visit today was interesting.  My blood pressure was high again.  This time it was 147/93.  They checked it a few times and it stayed in that range.  When I saw the doctor we discussed that, and my swelling.  He checked me and told me I was 3 cm dilated and 75 percent effaced.  I asked him about the results of my last 24 hour urine catch and he didn't have the results right there, but sent me to the lab for more blood work.  By the time I got back, he had the results and told me it was at the high end of normal.  Since I have swollen so much since then, he wants to do another 24 hour catch and if it's elevevated he is going to induce on Thursday.  Grandma isn't supposed to be here until Thursday but when we told her what was going on, she changed her ticket.  So either way, looks like Grandma will be here!  I'm nervous about the results, on the other hand, I do want to have this baby.  My hands are killing me.  They are completely numb and the pain in my arms is getting worse every day.  I'll let everyone know what the doctor says tomorrow.

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